Mike Hamilton

Mike Hamilton was born in Killeen Texas, to a father who was in the military. Hamilton spent much of his childhood growing up in different parts of the world, in places as far as Germany to as close as Georgia. Mike graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston MA. on a four-year scholarship, while there he received the Outstanding Achievement Award in Instrumental Performance as well as other awards. Mike was asked to join the faculty at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in 2002 and has written a book for the College titled "Producing and Mixing Hip-Hop/R&B" distributed by Hal Leonard publishing as well as authoring a writing and production course for Berklee's successful on-line school.

In addition to the saxophone, Hamilton composes, produces, plays keyboards, and bass. He has produced recordings for Interscope, and BGP Records. His recordings include Heart and Soul with the Winans, Thus Spoke Z with CTI, and his solo albums "Natural Attraction", "Here Together", "God's Will", "Moving" and the new single "Passport to Joy". Hamilton's music has been described as "a skillful combination of rhythm & blues, pop, funk and contemporary jazz..." by Kenneth Yarbrough of Boston's WUMB-FM radio.

Hamilton was a member of the house band for the Viacom network late night show "Live from LA" where he was featured for his album "Natural Attraction". He has also been interviewed on "Black Entertainment Television", "Boston Mosaic", "Jazz Scene" and KSCE-TV.

Hamilton has appeared and toured with recording artists such as Neyo, James Brown, Tyrese, Savage Garden, Coolio, Ronny Jordan, Jonathan Butler, and Phil Perry to name a few. He has performed at the BBC London, the NFL World Bowl IX Halftime Show, The David Letterman show, the Turn Ben Stein On show, the Today show, the Boston Globe Jazz Festival and the Santa Barbara Jazz Festival.

After gaining recognition for his solo albums Hamilton tours throughout the US, Brazil and Europe under his own name. Mike is focused on his latest project, the single "Passport to Joy", release date June 2014. The song was written, produced, arranged and performed by Hamilton with vocals by Koreena Lunares. Hamilton say's "This record will make you feel like your on a wonderful, enchanted journey".

Mike Hamilton has been writing, producing and recording music for over 20 years and has been featured on several radio and television shows. Mike graduated from the renowned Berklee College of Music where he is now an assistant professor in the contemporary writing & production department. Hamilton has created new cirriculum for Berklee College which includes an on-line hip hop writing and production course which he teaches. To study with Hamilton at the Berklee on-line school click on the Berkleemusic.com picture. Click on the Fox News photo below to hear more about the course Hamilton has developed.