Mike Hamilton

For Body & Soul

Hamilton's Stress management CD "For Body and Soul" is a project which he and wife R.N. Anna Hamilton felt needed to be shared with the world. With over 14 years of experience in the medical field Anna has brought the importance of therapeutic music to the attention of those she has cared for and worked with for many years. As a clinical manager for a hospice facility Anna points out the benifits of using relaxation music to help relieve some of the stress associated with being a patient on hospice care. The families of patients can also benifit from relaxation music. Anna tells us; As a hospice nurse in downtown Los Angeles I would always keep my husbands music in the car, to help me get centered between the often difficult visits with patients in crisis. For me, to be able to be an instrument in helping somebody that is suffering with physical or emotional pain I find it necessary to feel an inner peace which enables me to be strong and sincere in tuff and intense situations. I deeply recommend this CD to anyone who wants to reach that "inner peace" within yourself that we so rarely have the time to feel in our stressful environment.

There are indeed several of us who can benefit from stress management music therapy, which include small children who are restless and have a hard time falling to sleep or unwinding, and children with ADD or ADHD. Dentists and psychiatrists find that the CD helps to calm and relax their patients in a significant manner. Other applications for this unique music are Yoga, meditation and to help us all after one of those "you can't imagine the day I've had" days. This stress management CD is sure to be able to help you.