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dummy Music Theory 101

Learn basic harmonic theory. From note identification to scale and mode construction. We will also examine key signatures, interval recognition, introduction to melody, chord construction, and available tensions. In this course you will learn the principles of diatonic chord progressions and analysis

dummy Basic to Intermediate Midi Sequencing

You will learn the use of MIDI sequencers, sound modules, and audio systems. With interactive lessons, you'll learn how to create natural-sounding MIDI arrangements using Reason music sequencing software. You'll also learn how to record parts, use various sounds, effects, and devices including a mixer, sound modules, drum machine as well as effects such as reverb and EQ. These critical skills will help you create music using any MIDI sequencing system. Having a minimal amount of music theory will help you to get the most from this class.

dummy Writing with Technology

In this course you will develope the skills and concepts used for effective operation of a computer-based music writing workstation. The information and protocals necessary for effective sequencing and recording include, understanding of computer systems, synthesizers, and MIDI, including basic audio theory, equipment, and techniques. This class focuses on technological needs of today's writer.

dummy Comtemporary Writing & Production

Many of today’s hit songwriters are also hit producers. In this class we will start from the melody and chords and build a powerful track, focusing on styles from pop to rock and R&B, we will learn to choose the correct sounds and arrangements that will ultimately give the song a life of its own. There will always be class participation so that you and your ideas become part of the process.

dummy Commercial Songwriting for Television

Have you ever considered writing for television? In this class experience and knowledge of groove-oriented music for television commercials, sitcoms, and music segues for talk shows will be shared with students as well as techniques to help the writer to achieve his/her goals in this very popular profession.

dummy Hip-Hop Writing & Production I

This course will enable students to understand the social and cultural aspects of hip hop music as it pertains to the music’s origins and early pioneers. From this course a student can expect to learn how to use computer-sequencing software to analyze, write and produce hip hop music on an introductory to intermediate level.

dummy Hip-Hop Writing & Production II

This course will enable students to further understand the social and cultural aspects of hip hop music from approximately 10 years back to the most current writing styles and production techniques utilized by today’s popular artists and producers. From this course a student can expect to learn how to use professional computer sequencing software to analyze, write and use advanced production techniques to create hip hop music on a medium to professional level. This course will require students to have access to a microphone for their home studio.

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